Whether America or Japan, Momo is leaving the country; ‘Momo in Dubai’ is coming soon

Directed by debutant Amin Aslam, ‘Momo in Dubai’ starring Anu Sithara, Anish G Menon and Johnny Anthony will hit the screens soon. The poster of the film was released along with the release. The poster has been released with the note, ‘Whether it is America or Japan, Momo is leaving the country’. After the film Halal Love Story, ‘Momo In Dubai’ is a children-family film written and produced by Zakaria.

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‘Momo in Dubai’ is produced by Zakaria, Harris Desam, PB Anish and Nahala Al Fahad under the banner of Imagine Cinemas, Cross Border Camera and Beyond Studios. Zakaria and Ashif Kakodi have written the screenplay and dialogues of this film and the cinematography of this film is done by Sajith Purushu. Lyrics by BK Harinarayanan and Dr. Hikmatullah with jazzy gift, Ghafoor.M. and Khayam are providing the music. This is also a film produced by Harris Desam, the production controller of many films. Editor-Ratish Raj.

Production Controller-Rinny Divakaran, Production Designer-Gokul Das, Mohandas, Makeup- Muhammad Anis, Cost and Designer- Irshad Cherukunni, Stills-Sinnet Xavier, Advertising Art- Popcorn, Chief Associate Director- Irshad Parari, Sound Design- Vicky & Kishan, Casting Director -Nuruddin Ali Ahmed, Production Coordination-Girish Atholi, PR-AS Dinesh.

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