Well done!!! Teachers and children to learn the formula of good comedy; Vishnu Unnikrishnan came to the school with a great offer for the students

Sabash Chandra Bose is a film starring Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Johnny Antony in lead roles. The posters and teasers of the film directed by VC Abhilash were noticed. Sabash Chandra Bose is the second film to be directed by National Award winner VC Abhilash after Aalorukkum which won Indrans State Award for Best Actor. The film is produced by Jolly Lonappan under the banner of Jollywood Movies. Now the crew of the film has shared the new news of the film.

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Elangunnapuzha Govt to watch the movie. The film’s hero Vishnu Unnikrishnan has directly invited the teachers and students of the higher secondary school. Vishnu himself has shared the information through his Facebook page. Elangunnapuzha Govt. Higher Secondary School. Elangunnapuzha Govt. to watch Sabash Chandra Bose movie which will hit the theaters on August 5 with the formula of good comedy. There will be teachers and students of higher secondary schools, won’t you? Vishnu shared the video and wrote. The actor has shared a video with teachers and students.

Capital Studios, which has brought foreign films including Jurassic Park to Kerala, is bringing the film to the theatres. Sneha Pallieri is the heroine of the film. Dharmajan Bolgatti, Jafar Idukki, Irshad, Sudhi Koppa, Kottayam Ramesh, Ramya Suresh, Sreeja Das, Aditi Mohan, Bhanumathi Payyannur, Mohammad Eravattur, Balu and others are other prominent actors. After the films ‘Unda’ and ‘Super Sharanya’, this is also the film where Sajith Purusha moves the camera. The songs are written by director VC Abhilash and Ajay Gopal.

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