Vijay Babu tried to influence the complainant by calling her from unknown numbers

The probe team has received evidence that absconding actor Vijay Babu is trying to influence the young woman who had lodged a harassment complaint against him by calling him from some unfamiliar numbers. The probe team has also received information that Vijay Babu is trying to dissuade the actress from filing a complaint by influencing some people associated with the actress in the film industry.

Actress Vijay Babu has been accused of harassing her several times in connection with giving her a chance in a movie. However, police have not yet been able to arrest Vijay Babu, who is absconding in Dubai.

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The police handed over the warrant issued by the court for his arrest to the Union Home Ministry yesterday. Additional C.J.M. The warrant was obtained from the court and issued to the Home Ministry. The warrant will now be handed over to Interpol and Dubai Police through the Union Home Ministry. This is ahead of the issuance of the Red Corner Notice against Vijay Babu. A warrant has been issued for the Dubai Police to locate and report his whereabouts in Dubai. As soon as the reply is received, there are indications that an attempt will be made to repatriate Vijay Babu.

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The details of the case, including Vijay Babu’s picture, will be posted on Interpol’s website in the coming days. With this, the case will also affect ODT films in which Vijay Babu is a production partner. The probe team has also received legal advice to hand over copies of the warrant to Indian representatives and foreign owners of OTD companies, including Amazon Prime and Netflix, as foreign-invested OTT platforms do not purchase and screen films involving partners in cases of sexual harassment. Vijay Babu’s Sufi, Sujatha and Home were released through Amazon Prime.

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