Vijay Babu released on bail The actor thanked God

Actor and producer Vijay Babu has been granted anticipatory bail in a case of molesting a young actress. Bail was granted by the High Court. Bail was granted on a bond of Rs 5 lakh. Vijay Babu is scheduled to appear before the inquiry team from the 27th to the 3rd of next month.

Bail was granted on the condition that he be questioned from 9 am to 6 am, not to leave Kerala and not to try to influence the actress. The court also directed that bail be granted if the arrest is unavoidable. Vijay Babu, who was released on bail, told the media that he was thankful to God.

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Vijay Babu, who went abroad after the police registered a case against the actress, had revealed the name of the complainant in a Facebook live video. The police also registered a case. Vijay Babu returned to Kochi this month after 39 days in hiding abroad. He was present before the investigating officer after visiting the temple after landing. The actor was questioned by the investigation team for nine and a half hours.

Vijay Babu had returned 39 days later after the court granted him interim anticipatory bail on his anticipatory bail application. Vijay Babu had told the court that he and the complainant had consensual sex and that the case was fabricated due to resentment over not being given a chance in the film.

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