Unni Mukundan said, ‘I have grown up with my brother, if you want to know what is the mission that came for me, you have to wait till tomorrow.’

Unni Mukundan, who is known as Malayalam’s own muscle man, is getting attention for the post he shared on social media regarding his new movie. The pooja of Unni’s new film, produced by Anro Joseph and Venu Kunnappilly, will be held at the Erumeli Sridharma Shasta temple on Monday.

‘That’s how some assignments come to us… The relationship between me and the Akamala Dharma Shasta temple seen in this photo, in other words, the relationship between me and Ayyan, started from the time I came to Kerala from Gujarat with a passion for cinema.
I started my darshan here on my way from Thrissur to my uncle’s house at Shornur and have been doing it for the past 15 years.

In the early days, when traveling by bus, we used to pray from inside the bus.
When I first came there was only one shrine. I used to share all my dreams, desires and sorrows here. Over time, it became a big temple and I grew up with my brother and my journey changed from bus to bike and car.

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Today, another good fortune has come to me to bring these memories to my mind. The pooja of my new movie is taking place on 12th at Erumeli Sridharma Shasta Temple. It is produced by Anre Chetan who produced Mallusingh and Venu Chetan who produced Mamangam Cinema. Abhilash Pillai’s screenplay is directed by debutant Vishnu Sasi Shankar.
If you want to know what is the mission that came to me, you need to know the title of the film and wait till the 12th. Hoping for everyone’s prayers and blessings….Your own Unni’, Unni Mukundan wrote on Facebook.

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