This is really Amminipilla! Real ‘Amminipilla’ comes to meet ‘Amminipilla’ in a southern beating case

‘Oru Southern Thall Case’ is creating a lot of excitement in the theatres.The audience who clapped for Amminipillai on screen are shocked to see the real Amminipillai. The real Amminipilla has come to the theater to see her own life on screen. GR Indugopan’s short story ‘Amminippilla Vettukase’ is based on true events. Amminipillai, the hero of the film, has now come to the theater to watch his story, ‘Oru Dumbang Tal Kes’.

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Biju Menon’s role in the film is Amminippilla. Amminippilla came to watch the movie at Revathi Cinemax in Paripally, Kollam district. Revathi Theater staff welcomed Amminipillai to Ponnada. G.R. is based on the real events called ‘Amminipilla Vettu Case’. The short story written by Indugopan was made into a film with necessary changes. In the short story, GR Indugopan wrote about Amminippilla, whom he had seen and heard in his youth. In the story, Amminipillai’s revenge takes place over time, but in the film, the story is depicted as events that take place in a short period of time.

The movie is directed by N. Sreejith, scripted by Rajesh Pinnadan. While Bijumenon as Amminipililla gave a great performance, Roshan Mathew, Padmapriya, Nimisha Sajayan and other actors who came to the stage as other central characters are giving fierce performances. The crew members of the film were also present while receiving Amminipillai.

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