There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a good wife and a good nurse; Balachandra Menon on his wedding anniversary

Balachandra Menon is the all time favorite director and actor of Malayalees. He has proved his mettle in all areas of cinema and is now very active on social media. He also occasionally shares his wife Varada’s experiences on social media. Balachandra Menon has shared an interesting post on his current wedding anniversary. He shared the post with the names of all his films.

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The full version of the Facebook post

Today is May 12 ….
One of the college jokes, if you ask me if I have BP, it means ‘scared of my wife’ …..
Then …
Today is May 12.
If someone wants a good wife to be a good nurse, they can’t go wrong.
Not over ..
Today is May 12 …
My, sorry, it’s our wedding anniversary!
Don’t be happy knowing how much …
It is enough to know that decades have passed.
If you ask me if I am scared of my wife; Although I do not agree. Because I’m a man …
If you ask me if Varada is like a nurse, do not think that my wife is scared when I say that the nurse will fail if necessary …

Judging by the marital relationship so far, it can be said that you are going to hit Thattim Muttim like Chattim Kalavumoke …
Needless to say, it’s easy to wear new clothes and take selfies. But keep a marriage intact without losing its novelty but ‘the thing is not trivial, the problem is serious …’ (As you may have heard somewhere in these expressions, right?)
A journalist who saw a photo of my wife and I in new clothes and smiling asked a question to Varada some time ago:
“Madam, what is the secret of your happy marriage?”
The flood looked at me sharply. I’m worried.

Because … I remembered last night that I said I would see you in family court over some ‘business’ thing …
But Varada’s reply was mixed.
She looked at me harshly and said …
“It’s … Chandrasekhar’s one …”
Now I looked at her harshly. Did she forget that her mother Amritananda Mai told her not to tell unpleasant truths?
“Ontaya Chandrasekhar is changing color minute by minute ….”

“Aw..what a pity” the journalist poured oil on the fire …
The merit of a journalist …
“So I’m not fat … ‘Varada continued laughing.” Because, I’m a loser.
We boldly recommend this ‘Ottamooli’ to those who are getting married and those who are going to get married ….
Married people in this …. (പണ്ടാരം … ഇതും എവിടെയോ കേട്ടിട്ടുണ്ടല്ലോ … ആ … പോട്ട്)
What? How many anniversaries?
Little thief … aren’t you standing there?

The answer will be revealed in the next wedding anniversary …
“Is this Kurup’s sure?” The question is (..sheta..kuruppennum heard somewhere … that pot ..) Let me say one more thing … Marriage is going to heaven ..
So keep it heavenly Maloka! …

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