There is no zodiac sign in married life! It’s my fault! Charmila’s words!

After a long hiatus, he is returning to Malayalam cinema. The actress is coming through Made in Trivandrum. The actress says that despite playing the role of mother, she did not get any good opportunities. Once upon a time there were always the same type of characters. The actor says that it changed through Kabuliwala. The actor opened his mind during an interview given to Kerala Kaumudi. In an interview, Charmila said she had good reasons for her break. I had to face a lot of setbacks in life. After Mon’s birth, there were problems in family life. He did not go anywhere until he was three and a half years old. Was always with him. He holds a degree in English Literature and is currently working as a Software Engineer. I can not be deceived like that so quickly, I was deceived by more intelligent people. What do we do when believers cheat? I had no zodiac sign in my married life. It was my fault that I went behind it again and again. It could not have decided no more from the initial misfortune. Went after it again. That’s my fault. For some, family life will be good, but they will not succeed in the profession. God gave him a good profession. In an interview, Charmila said that it was her fault that she was looking for family life at that time. My father had a good relationship with the filmmakers. Charmila says that is how she started her career in cinema. Charmila says that she first acted in the movie Nallatoru Kudumbam. Vanishree and Sivaji Ganesan were the heroines of the movie. Charmila says that her father and mother came to know about it when Balaji called Uncle.

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