‘Then why… do you want to be sure?’ Lullaby, Aduthoma is hitting the screen again; Mohanlal released the release date of Sphatikam

As it is said that the stars are coming back, so are the movies. Now the movie world is waiting for a movie and a handful of characters in it. The film world is celebrating the return of Sphatikam, the film that marked the Malayalam cinema of the 90s when mass and class came together. Aath Thoma and Chakomash gave a magnificent performance and the other actors in the film were also applauded. Directed by Bhadran, the film which was born 26 years ago is now going to reach the audience again. A Facebook post shared by Mohanlal releasing the release date of the film is now noteworthy.

‘My Aduthoma, which you have always held dear to your heart, is re-released with all the technological excellence of the new era as you wished. Crystal for K Atoms hits theaters worldwide on February 9, 2023. remember It was a Thursday like this 28 years ago that you accepted Aduthoma with your heart… ‘Then why… are you sure…?’ These are the words shared by Mohanlal after sharing the poster of the movie. Even though the story and characters are rote, the enthusiasm shared by the audience for the re-release of Sphatikam is immense.

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On the day that 26 years have passed since the release of Sphadikam, Bhadran came to the audience with another post. With this, the picture regarding the re-release of the movie is also clear. Directed by Bhadran and produced by R Mohan under the banner of Goodnight Films, the film released in 1995 and ran for over 200 days in theatres. Sundar C in Tamil as Vajram starring Nagarjuna in Telugu. The remakes of the movie were born as Veerappu starring Y and Mr. Theertha in Kannada with Sudeep.

Thilakan, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Urvashi, Chippi, Nedumudu Venu, Sphatikam George, Rajan P. Dev, Bheeman Raghu, Shankaradi, Bahadur, Asokan, Maniyanpilla, Karamana, N. F. Varghese, Indrans, Silk Smitha and other talents who have given remarkable performances in Malayalam cinema have lined up for the film. The Malayalam cinema world is waiting to see Aduthoma and his friends in the technological excellence of the new age.

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