The recommendations of the Hema Committee will be enacted; The instructions are as follows

The state government is ready to take a decision on the Justice Homa Committee report. The meeting of the culture department will be held today in the backdrop of the continuous demand of the women’s organizations in cinema for the release of the report. Many organizations from the film industry will also participate in the discussion. The report suggests that movie locations need to be made more women – friendly. The aim is to enforce a comprehensive law in the field of cinema.

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The main recommendations of the report are to ensure equal pay for film, redressal of grievances, expeditious action against illegal activities, safe accommodation for women, non-employment of drivers with criminal backgrounds, and no ambiguous language or obscene language against women. The report also says that these should be legalized.

The report is submitted by inviting all organizations including film organizations like Amma, MACTA, FEFCA, WCC, Film Chamber and Producers Association. The government is now preparing to take action on the report submitted in January 2020.

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