‘The loss to PC George’s speech is to the medical store here’; The director said that the religion of ‘man’ should grow

Former MLA PC George, who was released on bail after being arrested in connection with a hate speech at the Ananthapuri Hindu Maha Sammelan, has come under fire from several quarters, including on social media. Now the words of Pareeth Pandari and film director Gafoor Y Ilyas on Facebook are being discussed.

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“We have a tea shop where Hindu and Christian carpenters and masters come to have tea and eat.” The idea was that if there was such a thing, one would have to see it. So while I was running away from it in the kitchen, I came to a master’s shop and finished the whole meal !!! When he saw his meditation, Vapi asked, “What’s the matter?” Today is straight, isn’t it?
Mastery: No, Ikka … The phone rang saying that the wife was in pain and was taken to the labor room for delivery.
Then the other old man tapped the filter and I caught something in the kitchen. Either the filter in our shop is not working condition, or there is no such thing !!!

What did PC George mean by that statement then? Anyway the loss with that statement is to the medical store owners here !!! Those who used to rely on medical stores for contraceptives will now start climbing on the hotels of the Muslim Brotherhood when the need arises !!!

This is because there is a possibility of embarrassment of asking for something else and then side effects. It is not the Muslims but our Hindu Christian brothers and sisters who live in our area who really need to be tied up with hugs for this festival !!! Gafoor y Ilyas wrote on Facebook that the religion of “man” is growing in those embraces.

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