The ‘ghost of December’ caught Mollywood!!! At the end of the year, what happens to the hugely hyped films?

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar’s glory days at the crease! An exhilarating time of hitting the opponent’s balls for sixes and fours, crossing the boundary and rushing towards a century. After scoring 90 runs in the interim, Sachin started to get under pressure. Sachin started getting out regularly between 90 and 99, disappointing the fans who were waiting to see Sachin’s century. Then everyone said that Sachin Tendulkar was possessed by the ‘ghost of the nineties’. The state of Malayalam cinema has been similar for the past few days. Malayalam cinema is captured by ‘Demon of December’. Like Sachin’s century, films released in December with huge hype are falling apart at the box office. The Malayalam film world is looking forward to see if the ghost’s games will end and if history will be corrected this time.

Looking back, it was a long time ago when December rocked the box office. Malayalam cinema entered the new year from 2015 with two films that were released as Christmas releases and achieved great success. Dulquer Salmaan’s Charlie and Dileep’s Two Countries have topped the 50 crore club. Directed by Martin Prakat, Charlie Malayalam presented a narrative style and viewing experience never before seen. Directed by Shafi, Two Countries was a film made entirely on comedy tracks. The Malayalam movie that entered the 100 crore club through Pulimurukan did not have a big release in December 2016. In 2017, Mammootty’s Master Piece, Jayasuriya’s Aat-2 and Tovino Thomas’ Mayanadi hit the theatres. Directed by Ajay Vasudev, the mass action film Masterpiece was safe with a great initial and Mithun Manuel Varghese’s Aat-2 rocked the theatres, coming to the comedy track. Directed by Aashiq Abu, Tovino-Aishwarya’s love poem Mayanaadi was a success with critical acclaim.

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From 2018 onwards, Malayalam cinema is starting to be haunted. Mohanlal’s Odiyan, which reached a hype never before seen in Malayalam cinema, was released on December 14. Despite being a hartal day in Kerala, the film achieved a record collection on the day of its release. But the film later met with a negative response, giving a complete disappointment. With Odiyan, Malayalam cinema’s December releases have become sequels like ‘Odiyan’ hit. In 2019, the much awaited Malayalam movie Mammootty starring Mammootty, set in a historical setting, hit the theaters. The film, which brought the story of the Chaveras who lost their lives in Mamangam to the silver screen, created a huge controversy even before its release. On December 12, the film was released on more than 2,000 screens in 45 countries. The film was also dubbed in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. It got a record collection on the first day, but later it had a miserable performance at the box office.

As 2020 was consumed by covid, the theaters were closed. Malayalam cinema will start moving again in 2121 after the exhaustion of Covid. It was a time when OTT platforms along with theater made a revolutionary breakthrough in the cinema sector. Minnal Murali, the first superhero film from Malayalam, will be released on the Netflix OTT platform in December. The film received international attention and received critical acclaim. But being on an OTT platform did not create box office magic. But in 2021, Maraykar: The Lion of the Arabian Sea, which was the highest-budgeted periodical drama from Malayalam, was the biggest disappointment in December 2021. Sunil Shetty from Bollywood and Arjun from Tamil have participated in the film directed by Priyadarshan with Mohanlal in the lead role. When the film hit the theaters with a big star cast, it received a lot of criticism. The film reached huge hype and was a huge failure.

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The Malayalee audience welcomed December 2022 with great anticipation. A handful of promising projects for Malayalam cinema are arriving in December. Gold, which the audience had been waiting for for a long time, was the most expected. Gold was the third film to be directed by Alphonse Putran, who produced Neram and Premam. Nayanthara was the heroine in Prithviraj’s film. The film hit the theaters on December 1 with a pre-release business of over 50 crores. The film has received a mixed response when the first day audience reviews are out. With this, the film world and film lovers are worried whether the ghost of December will affect Gold too. Let’s wait and see if the Christmas release films will defeat the ghost of December and change history.

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