sumesh and ramesh movie: Big releases cause crisis for short films !; Theater not available; Sumesh and Ramesh arrive late on Friday! – sreenath bhasi balu varghese starrer sumesh and ramesh movie release postponed


  • It is still too late for Sumesh and Ramesh to arrive.
  • Massive releases cause a crisis for small films

Srinath Bhasi and Balu are all set to release ‘Sumesh and Ramesh’ together. Though it was initially planned to release OTD, the cast and crew decided to release the film in theaters as soon as it was released. The movie starring Srinath Bhasi and Balu Varghese, who are notable among the young actors in Malayalam, was about to release last April when the theaters were closed due to the lock down, after which the movie was going to go to ODT but the decision was changed again.

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Now, the line-up has revealed important information related to the film. With the reopening of theaters, movies are on the rise. With the arrival of superstar films in theaters, the film industry is returning to its former glory. Now, new reports say that the advent of big movies has put the release of short films in crisis. The release has been postponed due to non-availability of shows in Sumesh and Ramesh cinema team theaters.

The release date was shared by the activists themselves through the poster of the film. But the new release date of the film has not been announced. The movie starring Srinath Bhasi and Balu Varghese in the title roles was scheduled to hit theaters on Friday. However, due to insufficient number of shows in the theaters, the cast and crew were forced to change the release date of the film.

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The film is directed by newcomer Sanoop Thaikoodam. The first look poster, teaser and songs of the film suggest that the film tells the story of two young men in a completely rural setting. Newcomers Devika Krishnan and Anju Krishna are the heroines of the film. The film also stars Salim Kumar, Praveena, Chembil Ashokan, Jayashankar, Rajeev Pillai, Shaitya, Karthika, Paulivalson, Jolly and Abhilash Pattalam in other important roles.

Sumesh & Ramesh’s cinematography is by Albie, editing is by Ayub Khan and music is by Yaxon Gary Perera and Neha Nair. Produced by Fareed Khan in association with KL7 Entertainments under the banner of White Sands Media House, the film is scripted by Sanoop Thaikoodu and Joseph Vijeesh. Fareed Khan is the producer of films like Film Company, Amen and Trisivaperur Kliptam.

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