Some hints on Roshack! What is White Room Torture? The white color of animal cruelty that forgets even its own name!

Srisha Sivaraman

White color is generally said to be a symbol of goodness, peace and happiness. On the other hand, black color is associated with evil, terror and death. But the reality is a little different. White has been made the color of goodness because we do not know the horror of white. There is a concept called white torture room. In fact, this is one of the most horrible forms of torture in the world. We can see that white room is included in many foreign language films. This concept has never been seen in Malayalam cinema. It is doubtful whether such a concept has been seen in Indian films, not in Malayalam.

But now such a concept has entered Malayalam cinema. We can see hints about the white torture room in the trailer of Mammootty’s long awaited film Roshak. At least some of those who watched this trailer may have noticed the scenes with white backgrounds. The final scene of the trailer fleshes out this concept a bit more. In this scene, Mammootty is seen in a white room on a white bed in a white dress, looking depressed. This white torture room can be translated into Malayalam as ‘Sweta Dandanam’. A book related to this has also been published in Malayalam. The book Shweta Dandanam is a collection of three stories written by Anish Francis.

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White room torture is a very primitive and cruel form of punishment. In the past, the accused were locked up in such rooms. Mostly the defendants and journalists faced this punishment in political issues. White Room The peculiarity of the room used for torture is that there are no objects of any color other than white in the room. Even the clothes worn like white bed, white fan, white light and white curtain will be white. And only white food items are given as food. Foods such as white rice, milk, eggs, and white bread should be provided to the occupants of such rooms. Everything the people in this room see and eat will be white.

There are no windows in these rooms. They cannot hear a single sound from outside. The length of time one is locked in a room depends on the severity of the crime. Sometimes it lasts for weeks. Sometimes this punishment can last for months and even years. Many people who have gone through this type of punishment say that it is one of the most horrible forms of punishment in the world. This type of punishment is done without hitting, beating or even physical pain, but more than that, mental torture takes place in these rooms. Being locked in a room without being able to see or hear anything is torture. Then a room where you can only see the whole white color. It is a place where you can’t even know what the darkness is where the light never goes out.

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A room where you can’t see the darkness even if you close your eyes. 24 hours white light bulbs are kept on in this room. People who stay in such rooms for more than a certain amount of time can even lose their memory. People who get stressed while living in these rooms sometimes cut themselves to see a different color and try to see at least the color of blood. The end result of this type of punishment is that the defendant will naturally go through a major depression. They will have to face a big psychological impact. If you spend a long time in the same room, the mental disturbances will disappear. Similarly the sensors will start to wear out. The sense of sight, hearing, smell and taste will be lost.

He will lose his memories and will not be able to recognize his parents, children or even his life partner. After a long time, he can’t even recognize himself and becomes addicted to major mental illnesses. On the face of it this seems like no big deal, but white room torture is the most brutal punishment a human can receive. In short, it is another way of killing by inches. No matter how much mental distress they suffer, these accused will not get treatment. In any case, everyone who has seen the trailer is now in doubt as to how this method of punishment is connected with the film Roshack. It is hoped that this film will inspire others to bring such new concepts to Malayalam cinema.

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