Shwetha Menon resigns as ICC chair of ‘Amma’

Actress Shwetha Menon resigns as chairperson of ‘Amma’ internal grievance redressal cell The resignation was in protest of the soft approach taken by ‘Amma’ against Vijay Babu on the rape charge against the young actress. ICC member Mala Parvathy has resigned from the ICC. Following Shweta’s resignation, ICC member Kuku Parameswaran has also resigned.

Shweta Menon, chairperson of Amma’s internal compliance committee, had yesterday recommended that action be taken against Vijay Babu. The committee had demanded the suspension or demotion of Vijay Babu, a member of the Amma Ex-Committee.

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The IC committee comprising Shwetha Menon, Mala Parvathy, Rachana Narayanankutty and Kuku Parameswaran had written to Vijay Babu asking him to take strong action. He challenged the Supreme Court by revealing the name of the victim. The committee also recommended that it not be accepted.

However, Amma’s executive only accepted Vijay Babu’s letter to Amma showing that he could stay away from the executive committee until his innocence is proved. Mala Parvati and now Shweta have resigned in protest.

Last day, actor Baburaj had said that he would step down from the executive post if no action was taken against Vijay Babu.

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