Puneet was a people’s celebration! Someone who can lead a movie alone! Not a loss that can be filled with sympathy!

Kannada film superstar Puneeth Rajkumar has parted ways. Puneet, who came to the silver screen from a film family, was making a name for himself. All his films were superhits. Puneet is also active in charitable activities, proving that all kinds of characters are safe in him. Director Sajid Yahya has shared a note in tribute to Puneet. There is a charismatic energy and screen presence that we feel when we see some people on the screen. Even if the movie is bad, it is a magic that captivates the audience. Puneet Rajkumar, Appu, he was such a star. Someone who can lead a movie alone. Milana is Puneet’s first film. From there, I have often tried to find every movie. Vamsi, Ram, Jackie and Arash are the most beloved ‘princes’ until the last Yuvaratna they last saw. Puneet’s films were often a power-packed entertainment brand. Movies that make the viewer very relaxed and exciting. Puneet was the perfect place to combine the ingredients of a commercial star, such as Impossible Dance Energy and Fight. Perhaps at the peak of his career, Puneet could be expected to play some of the best characters with serious, acting potential. Puneet’s loss is not a loss that can be made up with a farewell or condolence. Because Puneet was not just a superstar, both on-screen and off-screen. He was also the celebration of a people. Dear Puneet. Thank you for the memories, the views, the celebrations, the excitement on the screen, goodbye. Sajid said. Actors and directors paid homage to Puneet.

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