Praveen Rana and Ramya Panicker team up for ‘Choran’ for Onam

Directed by Sanro Anthikad, a real life cop starring Praveen Rana, Chunks’, ‘Porinju Mariam Jose’ and Ramya Panicker of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame.
“Choran” hit the screens during Onam. Sinoj Varghese of Angamaly Diaries’ fame,
Vineeth is the other prominent actor.

Prajit K under the banner of Ranas Film Factory. M. Suresh Babu is doing the cinematography of this produced film. “Every human being in the world has a mask. This film is about exposing this,” said director Santo Anthikad.

They plan a heist in the midst of a life full of fun and conflict at the same time. Waiting for them to steal is a suicidal housewife. She has chosen the path of suicide between her ex-boyfriend who is blackmailing her and her husband who is coming home tomorrow morning. The film “Choran” visualizes the struggle for survival of that single night and the events that follow.

“Choran” is a film that was shot continuously only at night.
The film was shot only at night to maintain the dark mode throughout which suits the plot of the film. “Choran” is the first film in India to be shot only at night.

Stanley Anthony is writing the story, screenplay and dialogues for this film and the music is being composed by Four Music. Editor- Menrose Anthony, Production Controller- Nijil Divakaran, Project Designer- Sunil Menon, Art- Kishore Kumar, Makeup- Rony Vellathuval, Costume Design- Busy Baby John, Stills- Salu Peyad, Advertising Art- SKD Kannan, Chief Associate Director -Elson Eldoes, Associate Director-Yadu Krishnan Kavanad, Choreography-Bavil Mumbai, Ayyappadas, Assistant Director- Umals, PRO-AS Dinesh.

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