nayanthara interview: If you don’t like watching me, you should not watch my movies, Nayanthara’s words go viral – nayanthara old interview video is going viral


  • Video clip of old interview goes viral on Nayanthara’s birthday
  • It was a video of an interview given to Asianet for an Onam celebration
  • Nayanthara can be seen in the video exploding with the gossips coming against her

Yesterday, November 18 was Lady Superstar Nayanthara’s birthday. From the surprise of her lover Vighnesh Sivan, there was a flood of greetings from movie friends and fans on social media yesterday. The video clip of an early interview of Nayanthara also went viral.

It was a video of an interview given to Asianet for an Onam celebration. The set sari also sits glamorously Nayanthara The video shows him reacting strongly to the gossips about him. Nayanthara’s question was why people who don’t like me are going to watch my movies.

You have to watch my movies and then look at me and blame me. Criticisms are possible. Accepts positive criticism. Beyond that, the video shows Nayanthara getting angry and asking what right you have to criticize my role and so on. Nayan also says that he only responds when controversies and gossips come up and not a single word is uttered.

Nayantara also reacted to her wedding gossips that were burning that day. He saw gossips that he was married. I do not need to go so private and marry anyone. If I’m getting married, I’m just going to tell everyone. “I will get married only with the blessings of my father and mother,” he said.

Fans commented that a lot of changes have taken place between Nayanthara and the current Nayanthara seen in that interview. It is also noteworthy that Nayantara did not give any more interviews after that interview. The actor only occasionally attends any chat show. Then Nayan speaks very modestly and cautiously.

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