‘Mayum Ravin Maril Charan ..’ Video song from ‘Welcome to Pandimala’ released

The first song of the movie ‘Welcome to Pandimala’ directed by newcomer Mubeen Rauf has been released under the banner of Harichandana Creations. The song has been released by Saina Music. KS The first song sung by Harishankar and Sithara Krishnakumar is’ Mayum Ravin … Produced by Harikumar Periya.

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Going through many humorous moments and suspense, this film tells a different love story. ‘Welcome to Pandimala’ depicts four young men and their problems when they arrive at a village called Pandimala with a girl in a special situation. Cinematography by Arun Raj.

Starring Suraj Sunder, Kripa Sekhar, Ullas Pandalam, Rishi Suresh, Biju Cherukara, Charles Simon and Harikumar Periya in the lead roles. Charles Simon with lyrics by Mirshad Kaipamangalam and Reshmi Sushil
Pouring music. Sung by Harishankar, Sithara, Jimmy Varghese, Anoop Narayanan, Prashanth Nair and Robinson Mathew. The film ‘Welcome to Pandimala’, which was shot in and around Kasargod Periya, will hit theaters in the last week of May. P.R.O. AS Dinesh.

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