Kunchacko Boban’s ‘Notice’ From Festival To Netflix, Release Date Out

Kunchacko Boban’s ‘Notice’ From Festival To Netflix, Release Date Out

Mahesh Narayanan’s ‘Ariyip’ is a film that won applause at many film festivals and was critically acclaimed. The film written, edited and directed by Mahesh Narayanan is now reaching the audience as an OTT release. The announcement will be released on December 16 via Netflix.

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Starring Kunchacko Boban and Divya Prabha in lead roles, the film has already been screened at various film festival venues. Produced by Shebin Backer Productions, Kunchacko Boban Productions and Moving Narratives, the film tells the story of a Malayali couple living in Delhi. Kunchacko Bohan and Divya Prabha are a couple working in a medical glove factory in Delhi. The plot of the film revolves around the unexpected developments between a couple who want to migrate out of the country for a better life.

‘The journey of Aayyip has been quite satisfactory. I am happy with the response the film has received at various film festivals around the world. Netflix has finally brought it to you. I’m looking forward to the audience around the world watching the film and their reactions to it. The film is about the epidemic and the story of a couple and their struggle to survive it.’ These are the words of director and producer Mahesh Narayanan about the film. Sabari is the film’s PRO.

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