Kerala police make new move to nab Vijay Babu Arrest warrant handed over to UAE police; A Red Corner notice will also be issued if the Dubai address is found

UAE police have issued an arrest warrant against actor and producer Vijay Babu in connection with the rape of a young girl. The action was taken by the Ministry of External Affairs at the request of the Kochi City Police. Kerala police are yet to know the whereabouts of Vijay Babu in the UAE. The Kerala Police investigation is also progressing on the basis that Vijay Babu is in Dubai. The warrant was handed over to the UAE police to find Vijay Babu’s hideout. Kochi City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju said that a Red Corner notice will be issued if the address in Dubai is found.

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The Road Corner Notice is a request to the country of residence of the accused to make a temporary arrest of him. There is no impediment for the UAE police to detain Vijay Babu. After receiving the reply from there, they are trying to repatriate him through Interpol. The move by the police will also adversely affect Vijay Babu’s partner ODT films. OTD platforms with foreign investment do not buy and screen films in which partners in torture cases are involved. The probe team has received legal advice to hand over copies of the warrant to Indian agents and foreign owners of OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Vijay Babu had told the police that he was abroad for business and could only return home on the 19th. A Blue Corner notice was issued last week based on this. The actress had alleged that Vijay Babu had raped her in a flat and a luxury hotel in Kochi for a month from March 13. Vijay Babu went abroad on the 22nd after the Ernakulam South police registered a case against the woman. According to the woman, Vijay Babu raped her after giving her drugs and making her semi-conscious. The High Court will consider Vijay Babu’s petition only after the mid – summer break on the 18th.

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