Kappa’s book pages to the silver screen for ‘Christmas’! The trailer of ‘Kappa’ has arrived with Kota Madhu’s goon fight

Kappa’s book pages to the silver screen for ‘Christmas’!  The trailer of ‘Kappa’ has arrived with Kota Madhu’s goon fight
After the huge success of Tiger, the trailer of Prithviraj and director Shaji Kailas reuniting Kaappa has been released. The film tells the story of two eras of Kota Madhuna Gunda, the film tells the story of the political developments in the soil of Thiruvananthapuram, the Kutipaka and the attacks. The film’s trailer hints at the action-packed mood with Prithvi’s mass dialogue, “I have an old account book that needs to be tied up, but if anyone opens it, it will be Madhu who closes it.”

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The film, starring Asif Ali along with Prithviraj, will be released on December 22 by Sarigama and Theater of Dreams. Aparna Balamurali and Anna Ben are the heroines in the film. The script of the film is based on Indu Gopan’s famous novel Shankumukhi. Shankhumukhi was a novella that tells the story of the invisible underworld of Thiruvananthapuram city. Kappa is composed by Indu Gopan himself.

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The Kerala Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act or Kappa is a law enacted in Kerala to prevent anti-social activities. Indugopan tells about the dark face of Thiruvananthapuram through Kappa. Kappa’s story is told in an action thriller mood with the background of local gangsters and political developments. Prithviraj’s look in the film and his role as Kottamadhu have already garnered attention on social media. Dileesh Pothan, Jagadish and Nandu also star in the film. The film has been made with the tag line ‘Not justice, but law’. Kappa is a film starring Aparna Balamurali after winning the National Award for Best Actress.

Kappa is a film produced by Theater of Dreams, Sarigama India Pvt Ltd in collaboration with FEFCA Writers Union, started in partnership with Jinu V Abraham, Dolvin Kuriakos and Dileesh Nair. This film is the first film production venture with FEFCA Writers Union as a production partner. The Writers Union is producing the film in collaboration with the production company Theater of Dreams as part of raising funds for the welfare of its members. Cinematography by Jomon T John and editing by Shameer Muhammad. Production Controller- Sanju J, Associate Director- Manu Sudhakaran, Art Direction- Dilip Nath.

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