‘Kakipada’ featuring Niranj and Appani Sarath; Filming will begin on August 8

After the films Plus Two and Bobby, the shooting of the film ‘Kakipada’ written and directed by Shebi Chowghat will begin on Monday August 8 in Thiruvananthapuram. The film is being produced by Sheji Valiyakat under SV Production Cinta banner. This film is completely presented in thriller mood. The film tells the story of eight armed police officers who have to accompany a suspect who is brought for evidence.

Niranj Maniyan Pillai Raju, Appani Sarath, Aaradhika, Sujith Shankar, Manikandan Achari, James Elya, Sajimon Parail, Vinod Sack (Rashasan fame) Surya Anil, Pradeep, Shibulaban, Mala Parvathy and many new faces are in the cast of this film.
Screenplay – Dialogue. Shebi Chowghat and Sheji Valiyakat.

Music – Jazzy Gift. Cinematography by Prashant Krishna and editing by Pradeep Shankar.
Art Direction – Saburam. Makeup – Pradeep Rangan. Cost and – Design.Shibu Parameswaran. Still Cinematography – Aji Muscat. Construction Execution by S. Murugan. PRO Vazhoor Jose.

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