‘Journey’ is coming with Srinath Bhasi and his team

After ‘Chattambi’, the first look poster of the new film Journey starring Srinath Bhasi has been released. ‘Journey’ is a film written and directed by Sanjith Chandrasena after films ‘Trayam’ and ‘Namuk Kukchit Nainta’.

The film is produced by Srinath Bhasi under the banner of Mosha Para and Sanjit Chandrasenan, Mathew Prasad and Sagar Das under the banner of Kishkindha Productions. Actors like Dhanesh Anand and Sam Sibin are also appearing in the lead roles in the film which is being prepared as a road movie. A new face will be the heroine.
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Rahul Subramanian, who is famous for films like Home and Mepadiyaan, is composing the music for Journey. Mathew Prasad handles the camera and Sagar Das handles the editing.
Dhanesh Anand is the executive producer of Chita, with costume design by renowned South Indian costume designer Uttara Menon.

Production Controller Nijil Divakaran, Art Arun Thilakan, Chief Associate Director Vivek Vinod. Assistant Directors Sujith Surendran and Arjun Azad. VFX Ident Labs, Online PRDM, Design Ma Mi Jo.

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