Jayk and Neytheri enter the new world; Some things to remember before watching ‘Avatar 2’

Jayk and Neytheri enter the new world;  Some things to remember before watching ‘Avatar 2’
James Cameron’s Avatar 2 hits the theaters tomorrow with a glimpse of the ocean world. With this, the curtain falls on the wait for Avatar by movie lovers across the world. Every moviegoer is curious to know what magic the director has hidden in Avatar 2. Before watching the movie, you should know a few things about Avatar. Jake Sulli, Neytheri, Aiva and Grace are the main characters in the film. Avatar tells the story of a community called the Na’vi who live in harmony with nature on the human-like planet Pandora.

The world of Pandora is amazing for any viewer. In the film, scientists arrive on Pandora as part of an excavation and destroy their home tree, the Aiva. Up to 10 meters tall, blue in color and distinctive in shape
Marines are aliens with ears, tails and eyes. The scientists are sending a soldier named Jake Sully to Pandora as an avatar. Slowly, Jake gets closer to the people there and falls in love with Neytheri. The scientists, on the other hand, come to Pandora to attack the marines and destroy their home tree, Aiwa.

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With this, Jayk and Neytheri are looking for a new place to live. The director had earlier said that the second part of Avatar will focus on Neytheri and Jaik. In the second part, there will be Jaik getting married to Neytheri and becoming the head of the tribe and so on. The second part of the film will reach the audience exactly 13 years after the first part of Avatar. It is certain that the film will be a visual feast that no one has seen as much as the first part or even more. There are many scenes in the film that will make any audience stand up and clap. The director has introduced new creatures in the film which no one can even imagine till date.

Hopefully, there will be more creatures in the second part than in the first part. Perhaps more people look to Cameron now as the director of Avatar than Titanic. Another attraction of the film is that Kate Winslet, the heroine of Titanic, is appearing as an important character in the second part of Avatar. After fifteen long years of preparation, Cameron has prepared the first part of Avatar.

It took Cameron six years to get the script ready. 9 years for production. Avatar is also the highest-grossing film released in the world till date. Anyway, moviegoers are waiting for the wonders under the sea.

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