It will stir; Unni Mukundan starrer ‘Gandharva Jr.’ is coming

Vishnu Aravind, who was the co-director of films like Second Show and Kalki, is directing famous actor Unnimukundan for the first time in “Gandharva Jr.”.
“Gandharva jr” is under the banner of Little Big Films and JM Infotainment. making

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After Kalki, Praveen Prabharam and Sujin Sujathan are writing the screenplay. As the name of the film suggests, “Gandharva jr” is a fantasy and comedy. Johner of “Gandharva jr.” is filled with humorous moments where the unexpected arrival of a Gandharva is helpful and harmful. Visualizing.

Unni Mukundan, who has been a part of many films as a supporting actor, hero and villain, will be in a completely different role in this film. P R O – A S Dinesh.

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