Is the Lokesh Kanagaraj – Vijay film the inspiration for the Hollywood film ‘A History of Violence’?

The much awaited Tamil film is the second project of director Lokesh Kanakaraj and young Dalapathy Vijay. The film, tentatively titled as ‘Dalapati 67’, features Trisha as the heroine and Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt and Nivin Pauly as the villain. Vijay has given a date of 180 days for the film, which will start shooting in December. According to new reports, Vijay’s film is the inspiration for the Hollywood film ‘A History of Violence’.

A History of Violence is a 2005 English action thriller film directed by David Cronenberg. Viggo Mortisan’s brilliant performance made the film a great success. The film tells the story of Tom Stall, who runs a hotel in the small town of Millibrook, Indiana. His contented family includes his wife Eddie, son and daughter. One night when the hotel was about to close, two guests arrived. The duo, who belong to the gang of a mafia boss named Carl Fogarty, cause trouble at Tom’s tea shop. Tom accidentally kills them. After that, when the mafia boss, who came looking for Tom, calls Tom ‘Billy’, Tom says it’s not me.

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But Tom had another face that his family and locals didn’t know. A man who shook the city of Philadelphia, built an underworld empire with his brother, and was everyone’s nightmare. He is living a quiet life now. The wanted mafia boss had a score to settle with Tom. After avoiding it many times, Tom finally has to take out his universe.

Then an unprecedented attack began. The contented family man later turns into a guilt-ridden father in front of his children. The film travels through the mental states of their family and thrills the audience with great action and climax. The movie was also adapted from the 1997 graphic novel A History of Violence. Although there have been many films in this storyline, another Lokesh cinematic universe is possible when hit maker Lokesh Kanagaraj ropes in Vijay as the lead. After the films Kaiti and Vikram, Dalapathy Vijay is joining his LCU with the new film.

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Although Kaiti and Vikram have similarities to Hollywood films, Lokesh is officially making the film with Vijay as an inspiration. Lokesh, who knows the pulse of the audience exactly, is expected to create another visual surprise with his style of storytelling and making skills rather than the novelty of the story. Fans are expecting a reference of Kaiti and Vikram in Vijay’s film as they are part of LCU.

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