If someone hits me, my mother’s eyes will fill! I do not know which character is the best! Mammootty says my mother is poor

Mammootty is often described as the megastar of Malayalam. He started as a villain and later became a hero. He made it clear that he was attracted to different themes. The actor said that the difference in the theme and narration is important whether you are new or experienced. He has a responsibility not to miss his family in the midst of the hustle and bustle. All the young stars are following his style. Mammootty says that after the movie, he should travel with his family and not with friends. Family members are the ones who always think of us and miss us. So Mammootty says they should be considered first. Mammootty had said that Sulfat does all the family work in the midst of the hustle and bustle. During an earlier interview, Dulquer had said that his father-in-law used to call him during the break and that they were the young twins in the house. Mammootty’s words about his mother are going viral on social media. My mother is a pauper. If anything happens to my character in the movie I am starring in, Umma’s eyes will still fill if someone hits me. Umma will shake hands with anyone who asks me which character I like best in my film. Mammootty’s words about his mother caught the attention of Mammootty’s fan groups for a moment. The lucky mother of Malayalam, Umma Fathima Umma, and Mammootty are lucky in every sense of the word. Mammootty’s son Dulquer Salman also made his debut in the film. The debut was through the second show. Initially, there was criticism that the characters were stereotyped, but Taraputran was making progress by gaining his own space. Realizing Mammootty’s position that his son should be known not by his own name, Dulquer complied. Dulquer is making progress by recording his actor in all South Indian languages. Dulquar’s daughter Mariam Amira Salman and Mammootty’s films have gone viral. The son also said that he likes to capture the moments when the two of them are together.

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