Govt ready to reconsider HOMA report; All film organizations may attend

The government is ready to discuss the Justice Homa Committee report again. The Department of Culture will convene a meeting today with all the film organizations involved in the implementation of the report. All organizations including Amma, MACTA, FEFCA, WCC, Film Chamber and Producers Association have been invited to the meeting to be held in Thiruvananthapuram at 11 am. The commission, set up to study women’s safety in cinema, was headed by Justice Hema. But the government has not yet taken action on the report submitted in January 2020.

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The meeting is being held to know the views of the film organizations on this issue. The day before yesterday, Minister P.S. The remark made by Radheev will also be discussed. The minister argued that the WCC had asked that the report not be released. But the WCC immediately rejected the statement.

The Hema Committee report is being discussed again after allegations of sexual harassment against Vijay Babu. The National Commission for Women had also come out demanding the release of the report. Earlier, the National Commission for Women had criticized the state government for not releasing the Homa Committee report. Despite the Women’s Commission’s demand that the report be released, the government refused. The Women’s Commission had written to the Kerala Chief Secretary seeking a response within 15 days.

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