Feel the caste! I know he’s on a different level as an actor! But it’s shocking! Jafar Idukki’s song discussed again!

Jafar Idukki’s song is being discussed on social media. Jafar Idukki sang the Ayyappa devotional song when he was a guest in the movie Chirima. The video from years ago is going viral again. Many people have reshared the video. The video is being circulated with the caption ‘A devotional song sung by Veeramani sung beautifully by the film actor and mimicry artist. Until now, Jafar knew Idukki only as an actor and a mimicry artist. Shocked. Especially the last part. It’s an old video, I’m listening to it now. Deepa Nishant said that she shares for such people. I did not know how many years ago. Deepa said in response to the comments that he was ready to accept that ignorance. Jaffer Idukki has heard the same song sung on stage programs years before he came into cinema. It’s been a few years now but now it’s a thrill to hear this again in a situation where this religion is so different. Jafar Idukki is a good natural actor and that is why he is getting roles now. Recognition now comes after many years. Jafar Idukki is currently the star of this song on social media. Ejjati Feel is the first time someone has heard of Pallikettu singing to Sabarimala. Ho, I know being an actor is another level. But Dr. Nelson Joseph said it was shocking. Pallikettu to Sabarimala. Jaffar Idukki. God, what a feeling! What a performance! There is no salvation. That Tamil diction is perfect. I have heard it many times. It always feels fresh. The first thing that comes to mind when Jafar sees Idukki is the mimicry cassette “Comedy Moosa” he made years ago. Below the video are several comments, including by the amazing artist.

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