Farewell to ‘KGF Thata’! Kannada actor ‘Krishna G Rao’, who gained attention through KGF, passed away

Farewell to ‘KGF Thata’!  Kannada actor ‘Krishna G Rao’, who gained attention through KGF, passed away
A visual marvel that told the “story of the great hunter who hunts voters”, KGF marked not only the hero Yash and the world of Kollywood cinema, but also a handful of artistes whose lives were rewritten by starring in it! Arriving in the KGF with the specific aim of killing Garuda, Rocky first becomes the leader of the people for a helpless, blind, old man who can’t even walk alone. When KGF hit the mark in the history of Kannada cinema, Krishna Ji Rao, a seventy year old, played the old character. Krishna G Rao, who grew from a small screen actor to a leading man on the silver screen, is now back with all the awaited roles.

The Kannada film world bids farewell to Krishna G Rao (70), who gave life to the role of Tatha in KGF. Krishna G Rao’s sudden demise came amid many opportunities after garnering attention through KGF. He felt faint while visiting the relative’s house and was admitted to Vinayaka Hospital, Sita Circle, Bangalore last Thursday midnight. Due to age-related diseases followed by respiratory problems, his condition worsened and he died on December 7.

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Krishna Ji Rao has been a part of the silver screen for many years in the Kannada film world with minor roles. He has also worked as an assistant director in 40 films. Krishna Ji Rao’s role as a blind man in KGF turned heads. When he auditioned for KGF, Krishna G Rao’s dialogue delivery impressed the producers and was subsequently selected. Along with the film, Krishna G Rao’s character also gained a lot of audience attention. After 2018 release KGF Chapter One alone, the actor has acted in 30 films. After the release of the second part of KGF, he played the title role in the film ‘Nano Narayanappa’ and became the hero. The film, which is based on a true story, passed away days before its release.

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Kumar directed and produced the film, which brings the life of the character Narayanappa to the silver screen, which proves that it is not age that matters but the mind. The film tells the interesting story of Narayanappa trying to find money for his wife’s treatment. Krishna Ji Rao is back in the lead role at the age of 70 with the tag line “The journey of two lovebirds without a nest”.

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