Durga Krishna tells fans not to be disappointed; The post goes viral, saying that the actress is waiting for news

Actress Durga Krishna is a star who has performed well in Malayalam cinema with very few films. Durga entered Malayalam cinema with Prithviraj-starrer Vimanam. And then Durga made many films better even with her presence. The latest released film ‘Udal’ also got a lot of attention. Durga’s performance in the film also garnered much praise. Kuduk 2025 is the film that the audience is eagerly waiting for. Kuduk is a very impressive film even before its release. The song starting with Maran from the film featuring Krishna Shankar and Gauri Krishna has been well received.

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Although the film was announced for release this year, it had entered into the discussions of social media long ago. The release of the film was announced on August 19. But the staff say that the wait will be long again. Now it is stated that the film will release on August 25. Actress Durga Krishna herself informed the fans about this. The actor said that he will not disappoint the audience and will release the Tamil version of the Malayalam hit song ‘Maran..’ before the release of the film. The release date of our movie Kuduk 2025 has been shifted to 25th August 2022. It is our responsibility to inform you about this. But we don’t let this delay get you down. The Tamil song ‘Maran’ with vocals by Siddh Sriram and Bhumi will be released soon…’, Durga wrote on social media along with the film’s poster.

The movie starring Durga Krishnan and Krishna Shankar is a movie that tells the story of the new generation living with the covid epidemic. Shine Tom Chacko, Aju Varghese and Swasika also appear in other roles in the film. Kuduk 2025 is the film Bilahari is preparing after All Ramachandran. Actress Durga herself has clarified that the film will discuss the growth of technology and the privacy it brings. Now the fans are disappointed that the release of the film has been postponed again.

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