Churuli Movie: Madan is the custodian of the strange lusts of men, and those cops are conscientious; ‘Churuli’ is a thief and police game, note the attention – writer shafeeque salman k facebook note about ljp’s churuli movie


  • Many characters can be read from the movie
  • In a sense, it seems that the characters in the film are made up of many different expressions of each human being

New film by director Lijo Jose Pellissery Roll There has been a lot of discussion on social media since arriving through OTD. The vulgar language used in the film is the subject of much discussion. But more than that, some people are writing on social media about the theoretical and symbolic aspects of the film. Such is the note written by Shafiq Salman K (Amatan).

Read the note:

“As a filmmaker, Lijo’s main obsession has been with questions and philosophies that raise the conflict between man and culture. This one quest can be seen repeated in his recent films. Lijo glances at both sides of that junction that separates ‘civilized man’ from ‘man’. Many of his films are about Lijo’s journey with men jumping across that delicate frontier.

In that sense, perhaps, the scroll can be seen as a continuation of the jellybean. If the jellyfish is centered on a group of people, it is felt that if it is being studied, it will focus on one person on the scroll. The imaginary, mysterious, intricate, dangerous, ambiguous area of ​​the scroll seemed to be portrayed as a metaphor for the human mind.
Strictly speaking, the darkened chamber in which man tries to close. By stepping into it, all the manners, justice and laws of the world familiar to man are being violated.

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Mylatan Joy, the custodian of his strange passions (Madan) Hiding place. The man who let the man in to catch his criminal self, Joey, is actually his cultured conscience. The scroll is the game of this thief and the police.

The scroll is the expression of this conflict that never ends in human life. This is not the first time we have sent shajivans to Churuli. The deja vu that occurs when people in Churuli see Shajeevan is an example of this. Every character he meets in the scroll: the hunter, the shopkeeper, and the drunkard are all expressions of the lusts that human culture forbids when viewed in this way. There are various ‘individuals’ who face the ban of human nature and hide from anyone.

I found the scroll to be a fantasy of an adventurous journey into a dark, eerie and wild, yet at the same time, fascinating world closed by man. But the philosophy put forward by the scroll seemed to be based on pessimistic faith. When we enter the scroll, we lose our way and hide in it without being able to fulfill the mission we have to undertake. I have to disagree with that view of cinema, which I feel is not in line with my personal view.

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Perhaps such a climax would indicate a continuing conflict between human culture and its laws, values, and right and wrong. In any case, my personal experience is that there has never been a film in Malayalam that is so complex, so surreal, that it opens up endless possibilities for enjoyment.
This is my personal opinion. It respects the right of those who hold that view, while disagreeing with the notion that Churuli is just a prank and a pseudo-intellectual film. One more thing: I did not watch this movie by smoking cannabis. If the accusation that Lijo made this film by smoking cannabis is true, then if there are movies like this, let him still smoke cannabis ”.

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