chattambi movie title poster: Sreenath Bhasi starrer ‘Chattambi’ title poster – sreenath bhasi chemban vinod jose grace antony starrer chattambi movie title poster

Srinath Bhasi Directed by Abhilash S Kumar.ChattambiThe title poster of the movie ‘has been released. The film is scripted by Don Palathara and stars Chemban Vinod, Grace Antony, Binu Pappu, Guru Somasunder, Maithili Balachandran and Asif Yogi in the lead roles.

The film is shot by Alex Joseph. The film is produced by Asif Yogi under the banner of Art Beat Studio. Siraj, Sandeep, Shanil and Jessna Hashim are the co-producers. The shooting of the movie has been completed in Thekkady. Editor Joel Kavi, Music Sekhar Menon, Costume Masher Hamza, Art Director Sebin Thos and PRO Athira Diljith.


Srinath Bhasi is one of the notable young actors in Malayalam. Srinath Pranayam, who has been active in the film industry since 2011, made her acting debut in the film. Later she acted in Ustad Hotel, Ta Tadia, Honey Bee, 22 Female Kottayam, Jacob’s Paradise, Anuraga Karikin Water, Bird, Conspiracy, B Tech, Iblis, Kumbalangi Nights and Kappela. Home is the last movie to be released. Srinath will be seen in a number of upcoming films.

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