Bollywood swaying in the south wind!

For a long time, the Indian film industry was known as Bollywood cinema. With the passage of time, the views of the film audience also changed. The way the actors approached the film also started to change. Colorful songs, heroines’ dances and stardom have become no longer an element for today’s audience to see in the film.

It has not been long since discussions began that Bollywood’s dominance in the Indian film industry was coming to an end. South Indian films, especially Kannada and Telugu films, have consistently broken box office records. Also, the huge success of Hindi editions of South Indian films has given impetus to this discussion. It was from Bahubali that such a change began to be seen. Later, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR’s RRR and Yash’s Kjif’s two episodes filled the theaters.

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Another fact is that no Hindi film has achieved box office success in recent times with Hindi versions of all these films. The combination of production excellence, technology, hard work and talent has made the South Indian film world a threat to Bollywood. Moreover, in recent times, there has been a lot of criticism in the film world that Bollywood has not been able to do anything for Indian cinema other than remakes and biopics.

Story has always been the backbone of South Indian cinema. Recently, films have been seen at the box office with a focus on storytelling, technology and art. Rajamouli’s film RRR grossed Rs 1115 crore at the box office. Following this, KGF 2 got a place in the 1000 crore club in just 15 days. The Hindi version of KGF is the second highest grossing film in Bollywood. The Hindi version of KGF2 has so far grossed Rs 391.65 crore, ahead of Aamir Khan’s Dangdut. Another notable feature is that the two highest grossing Hindi films are currently translations of South Indian films.

Bahubali 2 is in the first position. During this period, South Indian films not only created a magical world of views but also doubled their revenue. Yanthiran, Dashavataram, Magadheera, Puli Murugan, Lucifer, Drishyam, Kurup and Bhishmaparvam are some of the South Indian films that have made a name for themselves. With the release of ODT in this group, it has to be said that the movie has become another face of the view. Surya starrer Jaybeem, Suraj Venjaramoodu starrer The Great Indian Kitchen and Fahad’s Joji gave the audience a new experience through ODT.

The words of actor Chiranjeevi were very remarkable to the group who recently shared old memories. He said he felt humiliated when he arrived at the 1983 National Awards. The tea party was held in a hall decorated with posters proclaiming the glory of Indian cinema. Pictures of Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Devanand, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra were displayed in the hall. It is the only film in which MGR and Jayalalithaa dance from South India and Prem Nazeer as the lead actor in most movies. His painful words were that the South Indian film world felt humiliated.

Meanwhile, director Ram Gopal Varma recently said that the South Indian film world has been attacking Bollywood like a Kovid virus. Hindi audiences are starting to enjoy South Indian movies as well. Bollywood is being beaten from the front and back. RGV said that they did not know how to make a superhit film.

Judging by the popularity of South Indian films, it is clear that art is not the only language. The South Indian film world is conquering the box office one after another, breaking the boundaries of language. The South Indian actors are also captivating the audience with their powerful acting roles. Due to this, the star value of South Indian players has also increased. The reality is that South Indian films can take the Indian film industry forward. It is time to say goodbye to the world of Bollywood cinema and it is time for the South Indian film world to be proud of this glory.

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