bichu thirumala: ‘They thought I was a Muslim, I was a bitch to them’; ബിച്ചു തിരുമല അന്ന് പറഞ്ഞത് – how b sivasankaran nair became bichu thirumala, story behind his name


  • Creator of immortal songs
  • Wrote over five thousand songs

He has penned many hit songs in the Malayalam film industry for more than five decades Bichu Thirumala Farewell. He died this morning (Friday) while undergoing treatment for a heart attack. Born on February 13, 1941 at Sasthamangalam Pattanikunnu House to Parukuttyamma and CG Bhaskaran Nair, his real name is B. Sivasankaran Nair.

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In an old interview, he revealed how he became a bitch. His mother Parukuttyamma’s father Sivarama Pillai was a great English scholar and a good reader. The world classics that his grandfather did not read were few and far between. Bichu was the name of an honest character in an English novel read by his grandfather.

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The bitch later became the nickname in my house when I was a kid. When I grew up, I adopted the same name. Even in the official records it is now known as Bichu Thirumala. Poems and songs are written under this name only. He has said that some people have misunderstood that he is a Muslim by this name and that Bichuka will affectionately call him but there is nothing he can do to correct them.

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Lyricist Bichu Thirumala passes away

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