Bichu Thirumala hits: ‘നീർപളുങ്കുകൾ ചിതറി വീഴുമീ …’; Farewell to Bichu Thirumala with tears! – a journey throgh bichu thirumalas super hit songs


  • Farewell to the beloved author of music lovers.
  • Singers with tributes by tears

Bichu Thirumala is a lyricist who has given heartwarming songs to people of all ages. Bichu Thirumala A nation is known for its lyrical prowess. Undoubtedly, the beauty of Bichu Thirumala’s songs was the beauty of his imagination that was evident in his lyrics. Bichu Thirumala was the lyricist who created a lot of variety in the song. His demise is a gap in the music world that cannot be filled.

Bichu Thirumala had put his trademark on the lines whether it was love or boredom, whether it was love or tarato, whether it was a folk song or not. He was also an amazing writer who could say without any doubt that the lyrics are Bichu’s. The farewell of this unique artist is a gift that will always shine in the memories of the Malayalees.

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During the five decades of lyric writing, Bichu Thirumala wrote most of the lyrics for the tunes of many legendary music directors. Most of these have become evergreen songs. When Bichu Thirumala’s pen moved with different music directors like Shyam, G. Devarajan, AT Ummer, Dakshinamoorthy, Jerry Amaldev, Raveendran and Ilayaraja, new hits were born in Malayalam cinema.

Bichu composed over 5,000 songs, including simple and devotional songs, not only in the cinematic setting. Bichu Thirumala wrote the famous song Maamangkam Pala Kuri Kondadi. Bichu Thirumala was the golden sun of film playback singing. The era of cinema is not far away when it is believed that the presence of Bichu Thirumala in the background alone is enough to make a song a hit.

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He penned the background for 416 paintings. He has written over 3,000 songs for so many films. Only one song of the warrior Chandi Chankari Porkali, written by Bichu Thirumala and sung by AR Rahman, is enough to identify the genius of the lyricist Bichu Thirumala. Earlier in the day, Bichu Thirumala had said in an interview that her favorite song is from an unreleased movie.

He had written the song ‘Hridayam Devalayam …’ for the film ‘Theruvugeetham’ which he loved very much and although the film was not released, the song sung by Jayavijaya is still alive in the hearts of the audience. He also wrote the lyrics for a very emotional song called Mizhiyoram Nananjokum Mukil Malakalo.

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In addition to this, the rays of Ragendu, which have become hits, are waiting with a thousand eyes. പമ്പരം തിരിയും മാനസം, പെണ്ണിന്റെ ചെഞ്ചുണ്ടിൽ പുണ്ചിരി പൂത്തു, ആലിപ്പഴം, ഉന്നം മറന്നു തെന്നിപ്പരന്നു, കൊഞ്ചി കരയല്ലേ മിഴികൾ നനയല്ലേ, നീര്പളുങ്കുകൾ ചിതറി വീഴുമി …, ആലിപ്പഴം പെറുക്കാം ഓലക്കുഡ നിവർത്തീ .., പാതിരാവായി നേരം …, Many hits were born from this fingertip, such as “Sprinkle with water, age gave us lust …”, “You and your parrot”, “A queen of snow horns”, “Pigeon dove with snow wings”.

Bichu Thirumala is the eldest son of CJ Bhaskaran Nair and Sasthamangalam Pattanikunnu Veetil Parukuttyamma. He was born on February 13, 1941. The official name of Sivasankaran Nair later became the most beloved Bichu Thirumala by the Malayalee song lovers. Bichu Thirumala started her career as a lyricist with the 1972 film Bhaja Govindam. Bichu Thirumala started her singing career by writing poems for her sister’s singing competitions. Bichu Thirumala was a two-time recipient of the State Award for Best Lyricist in 1981 and 1991. Prasanna is the wife of Bichu Thirumala. Suman is the son.

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