Avatar banned in Kerala; Pheoak will not back down from the action, the film will be released in December

The association of theater owners FIOC has imposed a ban on the second part of the Hollywood movie Avatar in Kerala. When the distributors demanded more money and put forward the proposal that the film should be screened for three consecutive weeks, Fiok came to the position that Avatar 2 should not be screened in Kerala. ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ will hit the screens on December 16. Apart from English, the film will be released in five languages ​​in India namely Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. The release was earlier scheduled in six languages ​​including Malayalam.

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The norm accepted by theater owners in Kerala is 50:50 for profit sharing when foreign language films are screened. The first part of Avatar was also released keeping in mind the same criteria. But Fioc is of the position that it is not acceptable for suppliers to demand more than this. Fiok also clarified that he is ready to discuss the incident directly with the staff of Avatar.

The organization has been criticized on social media for banning the much-awaited film by Hollywood movie fans. Ever since the day of the announcement of Avatar 2, the audience has been eagerly waiting for it. It was in 2012 that James Cameron announced that there would be a sequel to Avatar. It was also clarified about the five parts of the film. In 2012, he announced that the second part will be released in December 2020, the third part in December 2021, the fifth part in 2024 and the sixth part in 2025. But due to the unexpected spread of Covid, the subsequent parts were delayed.

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