arjun ashokan family pic: ‘It’s fun for her to be one year old’; Arjun Ashokan and family make waves on social media! Did you see the latest pictures? – arjun ashokans family pics goes hits social media


  • Arjun’s family photo goes viral.
  • Fans say Anvi is super cute

He is one of the prominent young actors in Malayalam Arjun Asokan. Today, the daughter of actor Harishree Ashokan, Arjun Ashokan, turns one year old. The actor shared the joy of this. Arjun Asokan is an actor who has captured the attention of the audience through his different roles. Arjun Asokan has started in small roles and is now in the lead roles in Malayalam cinema. Taraputra’s movies and stories often go viral on social media.

The baby was born to Arjun and his wife Nikhita on November 25 last year. Today marks the first birthday of a daughter named Anvi. Now Arjun Asokan has shared some beautiful pictures with his wife Nikhita and daughter Anvi. Arjun Ashok’s new family photo has made waves on social media. Arjun is now sharing a picture of himself holding a baby.

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This is what Arjun Asokan wrote on social media when Arjun’s daughter was born. “Our baby princess is here, the father’s girl and the mother’s world,” Arjun wrote at the time.

Arjun and Nikhita were married after an eight-year love affair. The couple got married in December 2018. Arjun Ashok’s wife is Nikhita Ganesh, a native of Ernakulam and an employee of Info Park. Arjun Asokan made his film debut in the movie Orkut Oru Ormakoot directed by Manoj and Vinod. Arjun is best known for his role in ‘Parava’ directed by Saubin.

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Later, Arjun played notable roles in BTech, Varathan, Mandaram, Unda, June, Ann International Local Story, Ambili, Port and the recently released Jan-A-Man, directed by Vidhu Vincent. Arjun Ashokan was one of the three heroes in the film in which Rajisha Vijayan played one of the central characters.

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