Amala Paul with a magnificent performance in the forensic thriller; ‘Kadavar’ in the trending list

Amala Paul is making a great comeback with the film ‘Kadavar’. The film which hit theaters is now gaining applause in OTT as well. Kadavar is a Tamil film scripted by Abhilash Pillai, screenwriter of Patham Valav and Night Drive. The film is getting good audience response. This is the first time in India that a film has gone into such detail in the forensic section. Former surgeon of Kerala Police Police Dr. The film is based on the life of Uma Dutt.

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Kadavar’s music and background score are highly appreciated. Malayalam music director Ranjin Raj is behind the music in Kadavar. Kadavar is Abhilash Pillai and Ranjin Raj’s third film together. Kadavar is directed by Anoop S. Panicker, which thrills the audience. This film, which is made up of three Malayalees, is streaming in five languages. Amala Paul plays the role of a chief police surgeon in Kadavar, a forensic thriller. The film travels to the inner core of the forensic section, which we have never heard of before. Dr. Amala Paul’s character name is Bhadra. Kadavar is a film inspired by true events.

Along with Amala Paul, Harish Uttaman, Atulya Ravi, Arul Adit, Munish Kant, Rithvika and Vinod Imparaj are playing other important roles. Camera Arvind Singh, Editing San Lokesh Action Wiki. The film also has the distinction of being produced by Amala Paul herself under the banner of Amala Paul Productions. Annis Paul and Tanseer Salam are co-producers. The movie streaming on Hotstar is now trending. P.R.O. Pratish Shekhar.

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