Aisha Sultana’s ‘Flush’ to be screened at Mazhavil Women’s Film Festival on 10

‘Flash’ directed by Aisha Sultana will be screened at the 3rd International Film Festival organized by Mazhavil Vanita Film Society at Kottayam Anaswara Theater on August 9, 10 and 11. The screening of the film is at 10 am on 10th at Anaswara Theatre.
Ayesha Sultana, the first woman director from Lakshadweep, has received a great response for her film Flush.

The film was screened to a packed audience at the International Women’s Film Festival held yesterday. Flash, made with newcomers, has received the audience attention that big budget films with superstars get. Set against the landscape of Lakshadweep, Flash is a film that tells the story of Lakshadweep. Flash is an artistic and popular movie. The sweat of many people, including me, is behind that film, says Aisha Sultana. The film reaches you through the hard work of many people. The movie tells the story of my country. Aisha Sultana clarified.

Flush has been shot with newcomers and islanders. Mumbai model Dimple Paul is playing the lead role in the film. Produced by Bina Qasim, the camera of Flash is handled by KG Ratheesh. Editing – Naufal Abdullah, Music – William Francis, Kailash Menon, PR – PR Sumeran.

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