After the epic success ‘Kantara’ with the second part! ‘Rishabh Shetty’ put aside other projects

Kantara’s epic success in the history of Indian cinema is endless. Kantara from Kannada created a new spectacle on the silver screen with the mysterious forest and the life of the people there, their divine concepts, rituals, art forms and survival. Sandalwood is a hint that the story of an unbreakable relationship where nature itself becomes God will continue on the silver screen.

Director and lead actor Rishabh Shetty has started work on the second part of Kantara. Rishabh Shetty is gearing up to prepare a spectacle that will surprise the audience more than the first part of Kantara. The report from Kannada is that even other projects committed as part of it have been postponed and some have been cancelled. Rudraprayog, which was announced to be directed by Rishabh Shetty, and a new film with Shivraj Kumar in the lead, will be put forward. With this, other projects starring Rishabh Shetty as the lead actor will also be extended. There is also news that the actor has withdrawn from the previously announced film ‘Bachelor Patti’.

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Kantara was created by Rishabh Shetty by combining his childhood experiences, memories and imagination. Folktales have also been interwoven precisely for that. There was a time in 1847 when the king of a Tuluna kingdom was restless and sleep deprived. He brings to his land the god Panchuruli of Punda stone, the Varahara form covered in soil, which was in the middle of the forest. Those who left the forest with God started life in the country. As time passed, the new generation tried to take back the land given by the king. The obstacle to that is the god Panchuruli. Kantara told the story of a new generation of Shiva who stood up against this backdrop. It was the later scenes that took the audience into the forest just like the name Kantara. Rishabh Shetty was amazing as Shivaay in the film. The soul of the film was Rishabh’s parakaya pakarnatham at the pinnacle of violence and calm in the climax.

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Kantara was also composed by Rishabh. The actor is currently writing for the second part of Kantara. Rishabh Shetty had earlier said that Kantara had a year of suffering behind her. Kantara started shooting in September 2021 and hit the theaters on September 30, 2022. It was a 96-day shoot. After the big success, when we reach the second part, we prepare amazing views that stand one step above the other. Kantara has earned a gross collection of over 400 crores in the history of Indian cinema. 19 crore box office collection from Kerala. Kantara was a film produced by Homebale Films after the Brahmanda Vijaya of KGF Chapter Two. As the film tells the story of Tulunadu, the film will be dubbed and released in Tulu language on December 2.

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