Actor Srinath Bhasi will be questioned today; CCTV footage can be crucial

Actor Srinath Bhasi will be questioned by the police today in the case of abusing an online journalist during an interview. A notice has been given to appear at Maradu police station at 10 am on Monday. The incident related to the case took place during an interview related to the promotion of the film Chattambi in Kochi.
On the 22nd, the journalist lodged a complaint against Srinath Bhasi with the Maradu police. Based on the complaint, a notice was issued to the actor asking him to appear for questioning.

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The police decided to take a preliminary statement today. The statement of the complainant has also been recorded in detail. The police have also collected the footage of the interview that took place at the hotel in Kochi. The complaint of the journalist was that he behaved in a way that insulted womanhood. Srinath Bhasi had told the media that he had not insulted the journalist. The CCTV footage of the hotel may be crucial in the case. He never spoke ill of anyone and never called anyone. The actor said that he only reacted as a normal human being.

Meanwhile, in an interview given to a private channel yesterday, Srinath Bhasi said that he apologized to the journalist for what happened. Srinath’s last film to hit the theaters is Chattambi, directed by Abhilash Kumar. The film has received mixed response from theatres. Meanwhile, a video of the star reacting badly to the presenter during another radio interview was also discussed on social media.

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