‘Aavasavyuham’ is asking again, look around you.

Cinema is constantly evolving in its structure, expression and concept. It is remarkable that there is an audience in Malayalam today to accommodate these refined forms. Aavasavyuham is such a discussed film. After winning the State Film Award for Best Film and Best Screenplay, Aavasavyuham is reaching more cinema lovers. Written and directed by Krishand RK, Awasavyuham has now reached OTT and is getting a good response. The film was released yesterday through Sony Live. The film, which was screened at IFFK, is marking Malayalam cinema at an international level. It is certain that the ecosystem will be discussed further as OTT leverages its potential.

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The theme of the film is strongly political. The film gives the audience a great viewing experience with the style of expression and narration. It is not to be expected that the habitat will be relegated to the range that fans of regular masalapadams would probably label as ‘award padam’. The film has been made with such integrity. Although based on the relationship between man and nature, the film takes a very different path. Like man, nature is an important character in the film. The director presents each and every animal and creature with its utmost precision.

The story revolves around a character called Joy, who no one knows where he came from. The setting of the story is Puduvaip in Ernakulam district. The area where the land and sea meet has played a major role in bringing the story to life. It must be said that the documentary style succeeds in presenting the film without losing its seriousness. The film is about the destruction of nature and encroachments in Manrothurut and Puduvaipin. The film asks every viewer to look at their surroundings. But the film does not bore the audience with stillness or loneliness.

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