‘A must watch movie for all Veterinarians and Livestock Inspectors in Kerala’; Minister Chinchurani praises ‘Paltu Janwari’

Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Minister J Chinchurani came to see the milk animal despite the rush. The Minister came to watch the movie at Kollam Carnival Theatre. The audience was also intrigued by the minister’s unexpected arrival without any prior notice. Set against the backdrop of a veterinary hospital in the village of Kutianmala, the film features Basil as a livestock inspector.

The Minister responded that he liked the movie and said that it is a must watch movie for all veterinary doctors and livestock inspectors in Kerala. The minister commented that Johny Anthony’s character’s love for his cow was very touching, just like how we take care of our children when their own children fall ill.

Directed by debutant Sangeet P Rajan and starring Basil Joseph, the film is garnering good reviews in theatres. A week before the Onam releases, the film has reached a packed audience and continues to run in theaters. All the family members have taken the picture regardless of age.

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