10 awards are for 10 people. Burst and Shine Tom Chacko

The 17th Minnalai Film Awards have been announced. The best supporting actor award went to actor Shine Tom Chacko. Shine received the award for his acting in the films Kurup and Bhishmaparvam. Shine’s speech after receiving the award is now being discussed on social media. Many awards are given to many people. What, Shine said, is that it reaches people in many ways. State Award in one way, National Award in another way. And all the other awards in different ways. We ourselves get confused at times. Is this what we have to get ourselves?

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At least after seeing all of them, you will know which one is good and which one is bad. Aren’t there people who go to buy fish and vegetables, but can’t recognize it when they see the performance? If there are 10 awards, then 10 awards. There are some other groups, fifty awards will be given. They will call first and ask if the 26th is free. If there is a vacancy, an award will be given. This Koch was announced in the first place and will be available in the hands of those who did not come. So who is good and bad here. Receiving an award is a matter of interest. But if 10 or 10 people are like this, how can they be interested in the award? Everyone is born and brought up in each house.

There are those who are struggling through many situations. And if he opened his mouth to tell the truth, his tickle went away. People want to know what to beat. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the whole world be Michael Jackson? Shine also says that there was such a Michael Jackson. Soub was chosen as the best actor for his work in Myavu and Bhishmaparvam and Manju Pillai was chosen as the best actress for her role in Home. Rojin Thomas, the director of Home, won the best director award.

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