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Stylish return of professor and co!

Money Heist, the most watched non – English language series on Netflix, is ending its ‘robbery’ with its fifth installment. Five episodes of the fifth installment of the series that fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting have just been released. We will have to wait another three months for the remaining five episodes.

Before entering into the review, let us briefly introduce the ‘Money Height’ series.
The show ‘Lacasa de Papal’, which aired in 15 episodes on Antenna 3 in Spain in 2017, was later aired on Netflix as ‘Money Heist’ in English, Hindi and Tamil.
When Netflix took over and aired 22 episodes in two parts, the head of the series that could not move on Antenna 3 turned upside down.

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The central character in the series is Sergio Marquina, or Salvador Martin, an intellectual known as the Professor. The professor, who forms a team to track down the clever but lost thieves, first plans to plunder the Royal Mint of Spain, which prints currency.
The professor’s team members are named after cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver and Moscow.

The series deals with the challenges of the robbery and the professor’s strategic moves to overcome them, as well as the personal lives of each of the characters. The story of the robbery at the Royal Mint was complete in the first two parts. In the energy of the support received from the fans, Netflix has prepared for the second season by spending more money.

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The second season saw the release of 16 episodes in two parts. This time, the professor and his team, who had gone to rob the Bank of Spain, had to accept a lot of setbacks. After 16 complicated episodes, the curtain fell on the fourth part of Money Heist, with Professor Alicia at gunpoint. The fifth and final part of the series, which answers the audience’s curious questions, is now on the scene.

Now that ‘Money Heist’ is back to episode five, it’s clear that the audience’s wait is not going to fail. Even after four years, those in the line-up are still able to increase the excitement of the fans tenfold. The series got even more lively when it came to the fifth part. Like the previous episodes, the new episodes are emotional as well as emotional. The audience can’t even find a scene that bores them.

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The current 5 episodes feature more explosions and thrilling shooting scenes than seen in the previous episodes of the series. This time the professor was brilliant, shining through intelligent moves in any adverse situation. This time nothing is happening according to the professor’s plan. The tension that begins when Erthuro Ruman’s situation worsens in the second episode continues until the end of the fifth episode.

If so far we have seen the precautionary robbery and the small resistance in between, what we see now is a war-like situation inside the bank.

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It is not fair to say only a few things about the acting, all the actors put on a stellar performance. In particular, Pedro Alonso (Berlin) and Ursula Corbaro (Tokyo) are getting closer to the audience through the scenes in Flashback and the last episode (5). The character of Erturo, played by Enrique Arse, earns the hatred of the audience as usual. The more we hate this character, the more the actor excels in acting.
Although Alvaro Morte is attracting attention as a professor, his tactical moves that fans want to see could not be seen this time.

The song ‘Bella Chawu’, a protest against the system, was used in various ways throughout the front of the series. Surprisingly, the song was never sung in the series this time, which thrilled the audience who did not understand the meaning of the lyrics.

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People are also on their side when the team system of those who once lost is publicly robbed. The spirit of the series was inhabited by the song ‘Bella Chavu’, which excited the fight, and it was a great disappointment not to be able to hear it even once in five episodes.

The only drawback of the series is the lack of this song and the fact that we did not get a chance to watch it continuously until the last episode of the story. The beautiful song ‘My Life Is Going On’, which has been playing since the beginning of the second season, has been included this time as well. Only those who have enjoyed the series well will understand the importance of these songs. Accompanying the breath-taking scenes, the new song and the beautiful background music will make the audience even more thrilled. In the second episode, at the end of the fourth and in the fifth, the background music gets the feeling of being heard in the ears.

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The series scores well in terms of story, screenplay, dialogue, direction, music, cinematography, cinematography, lighting, organization, sound mixing, art direction and acting. If the backbone of Money Heist is the stellar performances and excellent story, then the brain is the best screenplay. Nowhere else can the characters be seen as designed in a script that combines events that captivate and captivate the audience.

The series started out as a dot in the middle of the circle. The images of the story and the characters became clearer as we slowly moved from one point to the other. While the present tense is carried in parallel in more than two directions, the presentation style that occasionally opens the windows to the past of each of the characters is extremely attractive.

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If this time the professor’s helpless condition on one side of the story, the high team clashes with rivals, including the Army, and the Colonel’s intrigues on the other. The flashbacks include stories from Berlin, Tokyo and Denver. While the story of the robbery with his son in Berlin can be well enjoyed, its connection with the main story has not yet been revealed. The relief is that you no longer have to wait until December 3 for the scrolls to fully unfold.

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