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-Sandeep Santosh-

The false catch of comedy!

Sunny Wayne, Saiju Kurup, Lalu Alex, Baiju, Major Ravi, Ahana Krishna, Bheeman Raghu and Marina Michael have been cast in the new Malayalam movie Pidikittapulli Geo. The comedy thriller directed by newcomer Jishnu Sreekandan is produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner of Sri Gokulam Movies.

There are many things that happen in a night in Pitikittapulli. One side of the story is that Rajasekhara Kurup, the owner of Acer Builders, is being kidnapped by some people. At the same time, Kurup’s daughter Ashwathy and Shabaru alias Shabaru, a staff member of the company, plan to abscond, and Sudhakaran, who was released after being convicted of Kurup’s murder, arrives at the company to seek Kurup’s compensation.

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The film manages to confuse the audience by confusing all these events. There is nothing in the story of the film other than answering the question of whether things will get messy by the time it gets dark.

In the format of old Priyadarshan comedy films, the script, which is written by mixing a lot of characters and situations, has failed. Not only is the audience unable to connect with them because the characters are not properly constructed, the comedy is not a workout either.

The script is designed to give more importance to the story context than the story. The presentation style of the film is like that, but the screenwriter Sumesh V Robb has not been able to prepare such situations in an attractive and intriguing manner. Although the weakness of the script was small and could have been resolved through humorous dialogues, the film lagged far behind.

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Conversations that are inconsistent with the situation and unrelated are stoned in the film. From beginning to end, Pidikittappulli is a comedy film that can only make the audience laugh two or three times. The main reason why comedy is not successful is the lack of consistency in the script and dialogues.

Lalu Alex and Saiju Kurup also shone in the limitations allowed by the script. Actors like Sunny Wayne and Ahana were just talking in front of the camera. Sunny Wayne’s contribution was the only thing Thumman tried to do in a number of scenes for the character, and that too felt artificial.

Ahana had nothing in particular to do. It was more of a heroine role than a supporting role. Major Ravi is fit for the role of Kurup. Baiju, who handled the entire role, and Raghu, the guest guest, could not shine.

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The problem with the screenplay as well as the director’s inexperience is that the acting of the actors does not seem credible at all. For the most part, players react against circumstances. Sunny Wayne can be seen on one side, beating to the right and rubbing his left cheek to report pain. These kinds of flaws have occurred throughout the film.

There are only two things that can be said about the quality of the film. The important thing is that the image can be viewed absolutely free. The second is that we have a big star cast in the film that we love. Although PS Jayahari’s songs do not contribute much to the film, the opening song reveals the nature of the film.

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The quality of Vin Savio’s background music was poor. There was not much to see in the scene but the loud music in the background felt annoying. The background music also tries to remind us that what we see is comedy, even in non-comedy scenes.

The cinematography of Anjoy Samuel and the editing of Bibin Paul Samuel remain average.

Although the director came to the climax with a big twist, it’s not about that. Just as the comedy scenes in the film cannot be laughed at, the audience is not likely to make a difference despite seeing the twist. Although the director tried to confuse the audience with the thrilling experience through the story and the context, things did not go as planned. Pidikittappulli is a movie that can be watched in your spare time as there is no need to spend money due to the presence of favorite stars.

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The film, which can be viewed for free through the OTD application Geosinima, was leaked online even before its official release. With the advent of Kovid, OTD platforms have taken the film industry by storm. There is no doubt that audiences will go after fake versions as they can watch films for a pittance and for free, which will be the root cause of the film industry. There are practical limitations to preventing fake versions, but we can decide whether to view it or not.

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