saif ali khan dimple kapadia starrer tandav series review in malayalam

Saif’s ‘Tandav’ is not so safe!
-Sandeep Santosh

The Amazon Prime original series ‘Thandav’, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the director of Bollywood films like Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai and Bharat, has started streaming from January 15.

Thandavil is a political thriller starring Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Tigmanshu Dulia, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, Sunil Grover, Kumud Mishra and Kritika Kamra. Arriving in 9 episodes, Tandav takes about five hours to watch alone.

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The series, which deals with Indian politics and contemporary social conditions, is not limited to one season. Audiences will have to wait until next season for the story to continue. The beginning of the series is seen after the Lok Sabha elections. The media and the people are predicting that the JLD, a strong party that has won twice in a row, will win this time as well.

While party workers and channels are celebrating Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan), two-time Prime Minister Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dulia) is not happy with her son’s political growth. The predictions come true and the JLD is seen as a huge success, followed by controversy and intrigue for prestige. Devaki Nandan is being assassinated before the new cabinet takes office. Little is known about this murder, which is portrayed as a heart attack. Those waiting for the PM’s seat take the opportunity and the competition between them then leads the series.

The series also shares the political lives of students at Vivekananda National University in parallel to sharing political movements within the JLD party.
Those who are willing to go to extremes for their political gain are playing ball with the lives of many others. Thandavil sees what the lust for power is forcing man to do in this way.

The series can’t claim to be new, albeit a little in the story. Such political stories can be seen in most of the sub-plots, though they are mainly non-political films. Some of the Bollywood films, including ‘Rajneeti’, are mainly about Indian politics. Through these types of films, Thandav is not able to offer anything new other than the familiar stories.

Gaurav Solanki’s script is not attractive at all. Although Sunil Grover’s character Sarpal, Samar’s confidant and helper, has created some excellent characters, Gaurav Solanki’s screenplay bores the audience. If the story could not present something new, it would have been necessary to have a script that would have captivated the audience. Since the script did not rise to such a level, the series could not make its impact despite the remarkable star cast.

The big and small stars of the film like Tigmanshu Dulia, Kumud Mishra, Kritika Kamra and Dino Moria were all fit in their roles. In terms of acting, this time it was Sunil Grover. The actor was literally shocked as the character of Sarpal. Thandavil saw another face of the actor who is familiar to the audience as a comedian. Sarpal, who never laughed even once, is a different character. Sunil Grover’s performance will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Dimple Kapadia also played the role of Anuradha Kishore. Saif Ali Khan is the highlight of the series. The series was packed and Saif did not have much acting potential in the role of Samar, played by the actor beyond that. That being the case, the actor has handled the role in a way that suits Samar’s personality. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

Thandavam is associated with Shiva, as well as a Shiva in the series. The character is Shiva Sekhar, a student leader at VNU. The character played by Muhammad Zeeshan Ayub is the protagonist of the story in relation to the title. The name of the party he forms is also known as Thandav.

But in the first season, the character did not grow up to be a hero. Though Shivshekhar’s university election campaign has been chanting ‘Tandavam will happen now’, the expected Tandavam could not be seen after 9 episodes.

Though there are 9 episodes in the series, Thandav is not a very long series. But the director’s style of expression makes the series feel too long. Even when you see celebrities on screen, each episode feels like the time of a movie. Though Thandav contains excellent visuals and flawless background music, the slow pace of the tour breaks the series.

Only half of the current time would have been enough if Tandav had prepared at the right pace. The news and trailer of the series had given Bollywood a lot of hope. The series has not been able to live up to those expectations. Although the course of the story is predictable, the series can be seen as it deals with topics that are seen around us and still being seen.

The series should not be missed for its innovative story, thrilling scenes, unexpected twists and action-romance-comedy.