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-Sandeep Santosh-

With the livelihood of the ordinary citizen of India ‘Cogas

Bollywood actor and director Satish Kaushik’s new movie ‘Kagas’ starring Pankaj Tripathi has been released on C5 from January 7. Kagas, starring Pankaj Tripathi, Monal Ghajjar and director Satish Kaushik, is based on a true story.

Kagas is a film about the extraordinary life of Lal Bihari Mritak, an ordinary man from a small village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Lal Bihari is listed as dead in government records while alive. At the heart of the film is his struggle to prove in writing that he is not dead.

The central character played by Pankaj Tripathi in the film is called Bharat Lal. The film opens in 1977.

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Bharat Lal has his own small band. At his wife’s insistence, he goes for a bank loan to expand his band’s room. The real story of the Caucasus begins when Bharat Lal arrives at his uncle’s house for documents of family property in his name, as he needs proof of house or land as security to get the loan. Bharat Lal was deemed dead and his shares were transferred by his stepfather and wife to their children.

Subsequently, Bharat Lal tries to make a record that he is alive. He has been battling the system for years, never giving up, when society has branded him a clown and lost his livelihood.

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Cogas means paper. There is no better title for the theme of the film. ‘Kagas’ is a humorously printed paper depicting the sufferings of Bharat Lal, his struggle and its consequences. The director has been able to convey the content of the film to the audience through the name itself. Salman Khan’s voice at the beginning and end of the film is accompanied by a description of the word Kagas.

Screenwriter Imtiaz Hussain and the additional screenwriters have not been able to close all the loopholes while making the story stand out from the familiar themes of Bollywood. The screenplay is not able to give the audience a good taste as a film without further distorting the realities.

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You can see some clichഷേd scenes that cut the flavor of the film. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. But the character of director Satish Kaushik’s lawyer’s dialogues in many scenes was core but repetitive and boring.

Pankaj Tripathi, who excelled in acting in a very realistic manner and reflected the mannerisms of the characters, is amazed by the character throughout this time. Even though he is doing a small role, the web series has given him more opportunity than the actor to make his mark in the film with his spontaneous acting style. After two seasons of the Amazon hit series Mirzapur, Pankaj Tripathi’s talented role can now be enjoyed more and more through the Caucasus. The actor’s expressions and excellent dialogue delivery will captivate the audience. Pankaj Tripathi, a native of Bihar, has received the most applause from characters from UP and Bihar.

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The actor did not have to bother much to handle the conversations as the background of the Kagas is also from Uttar Pradesh. Pankaj Tripathi has easily portrayed the character of Lal Bihari. Also, this time we saw a slightly different style from the performances of the actor we have seen before. Other characters in the film, including Monal Gajjara, have done well in their roles.

Satish Kaushik, who has excelled as an actor for many years, is not above average in this film as well. Although the initial voice-over may help to get the audience on track, such conversations that occur from time to time after the story has progressed a lot are often stonewalled. One of the major drawbacks of the film is that it fails to connect the audience emotionally to the film, which passes almost flawlessly as a satire.

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Audiences can only imagine how tough the way Bharat Lal, who has been fighting for 18 years for a government paper that says he is alive, is going through, can not be seen in the film with the same intensity.

The film did not do well in cinematography and editing. Minor flaws were also visible in some scenes in the editing. In terms of music, the film ranks just above average. The Caucasus has catchy background music that takes the audience through each scene without boring them. BGM is prepared by Sreejan Vinay Vaishnav. The background music was in keeping with the film’s dark comedy or satire type presentation style.

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Likewise, all the songs in the film were flawless. One of the best songs was ‘Jug Jug Jio’ sung by Rahul Jain himself. The lyrics of this song were very beautiful which made the audience excited too.

Another song sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik, ‘Byalgadi’, took the audience to the 80s and 90s.

This is probably the first time that Salman Khan Films has been involved in the production of a Hindi film with no such glamor. Salman Khan can be proud of the fact that the director is ready to make such a small but high resolution film.

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Though the screenplay is mediocre, the film excels in many other aspects, including Pankaj Tripathi’s acting. Based on the real life of a living person, Kagas is sure to give the audience a good experience. In particular, the time spent by the audience for the film will never be wasted as the central character adds the name Mritak (Mritan) to his name, forms his own party and contests against Rajiv Gandhi in Amethi in 1989 and protests in various places including the court.